Sight First II

Sight First accomplishes what few people thought possible. It has been extraordinarily effective in controlling and in some places eliminating the causes of unnecessary blindness. It is crucial that Sight First continues its work, but £87.5 million of the £100 million available for projects has already been spent.

Sight First played a crucial role in helping to reduce preventable blindness, but there are still 34 million blind today, and another 124 million suffering from low vision. A tragic figure – yet a smaller one than when our Sight First programme began its mission 16 years ago! So it was decided to launch Sight First II in order to raise at least £100 million.

Experts predict that if we do not act now, the worlds blind population will double by 2020.

So once again Lions Clubs throughout the world have been asked to accept the challenge to raise the necessary funds to carry on the work that we were challenged to do by Helen Keller all those years ago.