Santa to Make Special Trip to Sprotborough Tonight

Santa was sorry that he couldn’t manage to get out to see the good boys and girls from Sprotborough last night due to the rain. So he has decided to make a special effort to come out tonight and cover as much of the area as he can in the time he has left. He will be out around the Spring Well Lane area so keep an eye out for us if your in this area.

He is sorry that he doesn’t have time to get around all of the areas he has not been able to get to this year, but he has to get back to his workshop to ensure that his sleigh is ready and loaded with all of the presents for all the good girls and boys around the world by tomorrow night. Hopefully he will manage to see more of you next year when he comes round our area again.

About John Welch

With over twenty years of experience in the computing industry, John has gained a reputation for his knowledge and experience. Over the years he has worked on developing card payment systems and e-commerce solutions, to blogging and social media. John provides consultancy and training services to individuals and SMEs as well as helping to teach the next generation of computer scientists through his work as a Code Club volunteer.